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Viznet.tv is a French company, based in Paris, which offers solutions for television channels, operators, agencies and advertisers to digitalize TV advertising. Viznet.tv is published by the company Viznet, domiciled in the boat Titi of Paris, 11F Quai Saint Bernard, 75005 Paris, under the identification number 834 425 415 RCS Paris.

Confidentiality Commitment

We understand that your information is confidential and treat them like that. Viznet.tv is committed to never sharing this information with anyone except our customers. We reserve the right to use the aggregated information in particular in the context of campaign to promote our different products and technologies.


A cookie is a small text file in alphanumeric format deposited on the user’s hard drive by the server of the visited site or by a third party server (advertising authority, web Analytics service, etc.). We use the latter to be able to follow the necessary metrics for our different products.

What information we collect

The information we collect is the following: Web browser Type The URL of provenance geolocation information the values placed in the cookies we ask we do not collect any information that would identify who Is. We do not record the IP. We categorically refuse to register the names, forenames, email addresses that our different partners could provide.

Change in Privacy Policy

Please note that we can change our privacy policy at any time without notifying you. Any change will be effective immediately. We encourage you to come regularly to check any possible changes that have been made in relation to your previous visit.

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If you have any questions about our Privacy policy, you can contact us here:


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75005 Paris

Email: contact@viznet.tv

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